Will my concrete crack, chip, flake, etc?

Yes, it most certainly will. That is a guarantee that all concrete contractors will attest to. Once the concrete dries it becomes a brittle structure. Water is added to every concrete mix and helps with the curing process. As this water eventually evaporates it can cause the structure to shrink. Although rare, there are instances where new concrete can crack within days of being poured due to it shrinking. Concrete can also crack due to settlement, which is of course to be expected underneath the concrete and sub-grade. These cracks can and will occur throughout the lifetime of the concrete and it's not a matter of if but when that will happen. The same instances can occur with chipping or flaking and these are not covered under any sort of warranty.

Is there anything I can do to prevent cracks or chipping?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. Even engineered building foundations will crack as this is the concrete relieving itself of the pressure. If it does crack this doesn't mean that your project was done poorly and has failed. This is just the nature of concrete.

The concrete has cracked already. Now what?

We will not repair any cracks smaller than 3/8th inch as these are considered hairline cracks and not a structural issue. You can use a waterproof caulk to fill the crack if you'd like but this will leave an even more noticeable area in your project. No project will ever be replaced due to cracking as is standard in the industry.

How will you protect my property if the project is in the backyard?

Unlike most companies, we will put plywood down from the road to the project area to protect your yard. Heavy machinery will need to be brought to any site but we do everything in our power to ensure we don't destroy your yard. Tire marks are to be expected on any existing concrete areas and these will fade over time.

How often should I seal my concrete?

Every job is different and it will vary depending on the wear and tear on each project. We would recommend getting driveways sealed before every winter hits to protect it from the upcoming salt brought in from the roads. Patios and other projects should be sealed at your own discretion.